Oh, it makes more sense now that I have read your thought Ms Koala. Anyone need help w Hitting It Off? There are dramas that lose its effect as more episodes are aired, and there are dramas that reveal its true worth as more episodes are aired.

JB how about doing right by SR? Im glad hes not that noble hehe. But hey, its Yoon Joo, she is … I dunno, she is… like a freaking pimple, in your face, the day of your date!! Heheh, but I seriously hope Sang Hee will see that just because hes not the only one with a connection to Ah Jung anymore, that he wont be left behind.

The Arcade trophies are very simple and straightforward, nothing to worry about. I happen to love Tom Jones too!!! Definitely need help reddit sydney hookup this too. Thank you so much!!!! She asks if they are happy now? And they can talk to each other. I have a feeling that JB will have a future role helping AJ in case there will be litigation which is getting ahead on my part: Hi, I am looking for someone to help me with the co-op trophy: Thanks for your inspiring words. You must play 5 Arcade Hero matches total for this across these two modes. Also, Congrats to you and your kids. Once Larry is free he will give you some follow-up quests. Simply put, he acts cowardly. Looking for co-op partner for Hitting it off tropthy. Thank you so much. I have my face Loubies too but switch it up! You can work on miscellaneous trophies along the way. He thinks the monkey looks just like her. I mean, Yoon Joo, you are stuck. The thought brings me tears of happiness.

The drama is now all about the how and not the if. We worried last week that Ki Joon was indecisive between two women, and he immediately proved us wrong. Hey, if it works, might as well let Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye put a new spin on it, and give us fan-service galore.

Ki Joon walks up behind Ah Jung and grabs her hand, taking her away. He presses the elevator and they step in, barely missing Sang Hee, who rushes out of the other elevator. The best kind there is. Ki Joon and Ah Jung are still holding hands in the elevator when the door opens to reveal Manager Park and two other hotel employees waiting to get on.

When the door closes, Manager Park has a wide-eyed stare, but the other two are totally blown away. One hurries to grab his phone to spread the news, and the other does a little giddy dance at seeing their handsome hotel president in swoony moment.

Yes, that would totally be me, too, if I saw our OTP in the elevator holding hands. He immediately yells at her — why does she keep zombie matchmaking ep 6 matchmaking dates or work as an excuse to keep showing up in front of him?

Suddenly an errant soccer ball zombie matchmaking ep 6 Ah Jung in the head. He tells her to just say it like that and not to hold it inside.

He wants to know how she really feels. Ah Jung turns the question back on Ki Joon, asking him what his real heart is? Ki Joon reminds her that he told her that he likes her. That is how he really feels. She asks him to like only her then, and not to make her hurt anymore.

Yoon Joothat is all there is. Ki Joon asks her what else can he do? He asks Ah Jung: Is that the extent of how much you like me? Ah Jung walks away and sits down at a bench, her tears continuing to fall.

Ki Joon stands at the river bank deep in thought. I love that they told each other exactly how they feel. They are at an impasse, but at least they are not denying their feelings at all.

Yoon Joo looks at pictures of her and Ki Joon. Ah Jung comes home to find her dad looking through old photos and talking to her mom about how their daughter seems so tired lately. He asks how the date went, and she says fine. Dad invites Ah Jung to drink with him. I really love their father-daughter interactions. Ah Jung says everyone is busy, but doing well. They look at a picture of Ah Jung with her mom. Dad thinks all girls want their mother around when they get married.

Ah Jung says her dad has done a great job as both parents, and she wants to take care of her dad forever. Ah Personal dating online goes to sleep because she has to head to the resort tomorrow. Yoon Joo arrives at the resort, just missing Ah Jung in the parking garage and in the lobby.

Yoon Joo asks to see Manager Park. Yoon Joo thinks maybe the hotel work is stressing Ki Joon out and he needs some comfort. No Yoon Joo, zombie matchmaking ep 6, a man who needs comfort gets a prostitute, not a new girlfriend.

Manager Park asks Yoon Joo to consider that Ki Joon cares for her, but whether that affection is love or something else, Yoon Joo must make the realization. Yoon Joo is chastened, and notes that she once thought Manager Park was on her side. Manager Park says that she did hope they could make it work, but right now Ki Joon is very exhausted.

Yoon Joo politely says hello, and Ah Jung returns the greeting. Ki Joon gets a call from Manager Park, who immediately yells at him. Manager Park reminds Ki Joon that being too considerate is also hurtful, and Ki Joon has done enough already. She tells him to make a clean break and resolve everything. Yay Manager Park, you are way too awesome. Ki Joon goes to see Yoon Joo at her house. Her conclusion is that because they have been apart for three years, of course Ki Joon can be shaken.

Ki Joon tells her that he is not merely shaken. She thinks Ki Joon is so strange to her. Ki Joon calmly tells her that he will wait until she can manage her feelings. Ah Jung is at work and Sang Hee calls her out to lunch. He thinks the monkey looks just like her. Sang Hee thinks Ah Jung is being a workaholic these days. He teases her and makes her laugh. Sang Hee asks how the matchmaking date went?

She gets up to head back to work, pretending to be insulted by him. She thanks him for the toy and heads back to work. Yoon Joo takes out her old engagement ring and puts it on. She needs to get a life, preferably one halfway around the world from Ki Joon. Yoon Joo meets with Aunt, who apologizes for what happened that day. Aunt also feels bad to Ah Jung, who was also really hurt. Yoon Joo says she wants to get married as soon as possible.

Yes, thank you for remaining sane in this conversation, Aunt. The thought brings me tears of happiness. After Yoon Joo leaves, Aunt thinks back to what happened at the lunch. Aunt wonders what is really going on? She asks for information to be gathered on Ah Jung. Aunt goes to meet with Ki Joon at the office, telling him that she saw Yoon Joo. Aunt tells Ki Joon that she apologized to Yoon Joo, who asks that they get married as quickly as possible.

Ah Jung is having lunch with her co-workers, and everyone is warned to do their best and not cause any trouble. They discuss another co-worker who just quit because she got involved in a love triangle and someone complained.

After lunch, zombie matchmaking ep 6, Ah Jung is told that someone is here to see her. She heads to the lobby to see Yoon Joo waiting for her. They head outside to talk. Ah Jung tells her to hurry up and get to the point since she has to head back to work. Suddenly Ah Jung sees Yoon Joo wearing an engagement ring as she purposely holds up a cup of coffee. Oh you deadly viper woman, how I hate you.

Ah Jung walks back to work but ends up calling Ki Joon. She lights into him before he even has a chance to speak. She reminds him that she asked that he forget what she said, so why did he have to tell Yoon Joo? Was he trying to gloat? She asks if they are happy now? Ah Jung scream at him and then hangs up. Ah Jung gets frustrated at work and her two co-workers suggest eating out tonight. Ah Jung agrees and they head out. Outside the office, Ki Joon is waiting for her. He asks to talk with her, but she ignores him and stalks off.

Ki Joon sits behind her and speaks up, explaining that he booked the entire restaurant today. He nevertheless offers to pay, and the two guys toast Ki Joon.

Ki Joon smiles at her and eats. Ah Jung starts to drink directly from the bottle. Ah Jung gets drunk and staggers off with Ki Joon following her. The two co-workers wonder just exactly what their relationship is? They wonder if the rumor about the secret marriage is true? Ah Jung almost trips and Ki Joon helps her up. She brushes him off, saying he really is a piece of work.

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