I- it feels- ugh. Movie and takeout nights. He try his best.

Wanting to prove to her how much he loves her. Originally posted by mystarwars. Originally posted by imagineseverywhere He is such an attentive boyfriend.

Luke has a slight daddy kink. You gave him a confused look, but decided not to say anything either. He sighed, moving from his spot by the door frame and wrapping his tattooed arms around her waist, running his rough fingertips over the skin on her stomach, loving how squishy it was, how soft it was to touch. He frowned a little, adjusting the straps of his backpack on his shoulders. Log in Sign up. Please no more, please! Her eyes fluttered closed as she wriggled about, hands clutching the sheets. Long ass chapter of filth - left off: Loving your writing so far xx. The list will get updated as I write more. He lifted himself off the bed, taking his shirt and jeans off and throwing them to the side, the sight of his nearly naked body sending a rush of warmth to the apex of her thighs, clenching her legs shut, wanting some release from the throbbing that was between her legs. The one guy I have 0 chance with!!!! Most recent Most popular Most recent. She wanted this to feel good for him just as much as it would be for her, she wanted to pleasure him, make him hers and that was something she had wanted to do since he showed up on her doorstep. She let out a moan, one that was definitely a lot louder than it was supposed to be as his lips wrapped around the other hardened peak, sucking and biting at the sensitive skin. Little legs started showing up!! As the music started to slow down and the people drunkenly stumbled out of the door, her head arose from his shoulder, the two of them slow dancing minutes prior, their chests pressed together, the smallest space left untouched between their lips. Headcanon 8 - Dating Luke Would Include:. His name fell from the confines of her throat, a breathy moan following soon after. She had never experienced as much pleasure as she did that night, not wanting the sudden pulses to stop, the unexpected jolts of her body as she met his sharp thrusts. After the game was over, you hurriedly got up and starting walking out, dating luke would include. Him asking you on dating luke would include date pretty quickly. Hiii could i request a bestfriend Luke that ends up falling for you? What were you supposed to say? Originally posted by domhnall-tonal Note: His lips parted slightly before closing again, not really knowing how to word it exactly. Just move in time with me. Originally posted by pearlynn - Nights filled with him laying around shirtless playing guitar, singing to you, and making up silly songs together. He let out a laugh that made your heart melt.

Originally posted by acrossthestvrs. Lying on the sand of Tatooine and making guesses at what star means what. Originally posted by mystarwars. In his last moments Vader had returned to the Light Side of the Force, so Luke knew that his Father would be able to rest in peace. With him kissing every inch of your body and telling you how sexy you are. He tells you constantly how much you mean to him, and how much he loves you.

Originally posted by lousolversons. General Hux X Reader. Okay so the other day I was taking the trash out and my nail caught on a spider egg sac!

Unfortunately it split open and all the little eggs came tumbling out and luckily landed in a box. After getting them all in a glass, I was left with several questions, no answers and guilt! But I asked in a few spider groups and got a tutorial on making a spider incubator!

Depending on the amount of money you have generously donated you will receive a personalised one-shot or preference of your choice, with character of your choice and plot of your choice. Medium one shots can involve a love triangle with 3 people eg Kylo x You x Hux and the preferences will have 5 people of your choice with your desired preference with a small oneshot also attatched to each character.

But the money will also go to helping fund my way through university and help with my shopping for food etc and will also go to charities! Thank you so much for your support. Originally posted by sherrenaz. Hux smiled his usual shit-eating smile as he watched you undress after a long day at work. His hands reached out to grab you and caress you, dating luke would include, sliding the tips of his fingers over your waist as he bit his lip.

Let me give you a massage. I married you because I love you, not to be let out of duties, or to get special treatment. Look at you, you suit this baby bump.

Think we have to make you have it more often. I love you more than anything. Placing kisses on your neck, chest and belly. The father of your child. If you would like to support my works and donate to my ko-fi it would be greatly appreciated. All money goes to a good cause check out the post about my ko-fi for details as well as helping me get all my essentials for university at the end of this month as my family and I are struggling for money. Originally posted by domhnall-tonal.

Getting you pregnant what on Earth was he thinking?! Is it even his child? Like stated before no one knew of your relationship. That him and his young lover had been together merely 4 months before he had managed to knock her up. Deciding to be engaged but not get married yet, however spread the word that you were intact married and expecting your first child.

Headcanon 8 - Dating Luke Would Include: Originally posted by acrossthestvrs A New Hope Luke: She reminds you so much of Luke just more confident. He looks too sexy. Originally posted by lousolversons Fandom: Desperately in need of some cash for uni so I opened up a depop to sell my clothes!!! But finally we started seeing development!

See the little white dot?! Then more started showing up! Then the day came!! Little legs started showing up!! Today I just went to look and!! He try his best. He has a fucking: I deleted my last ko-fi post as I was dating luke would include of what I was actually doing but now I have updates and requirements on donations and rewards etc so keep reading to find out!!

Really appreciate some help right now! Originally posted by sherrenaz Hux smiled his usual shit-eating smile as he watched you undress after a long day at work.

All the fandoms should see this. Do you watch Star Wars Rebels? Originally posted by domhnall-tonal Note: See this in the app Show more.

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