Bobby was such a huge part of my life, starting in high school, and ending too early. Her heart was broke and now mine is. His eyes shot open.

We had some deep talks in that week, occasionally, some even about death. Tomorrow it would be three weeks, but it does not get easier, especially if you had such a deep and special relationship. But I tell myself and others around me that she wouldent want us to be sad and dwell about what happned.. All I can do is hold onto the hope that I will one day get to see her again. He was in the hospital since December 14th,

Now she is gone, and I am finding that I am completely lost without her. Our time on this earth is so shortI think because of his passing I am not scare of my own mortality. I still miss her every day. You know that your friend is family, that you love them as deeply, maybe even more deeply, than your brother or your mom. If I die, I know she will be there for me. My sister taunted me a few times saying she knew I wanted Leah and she could have set us up. Spent 6 days in the ICU and passed away the 7th day. I wanted to so badly tell her I missed her and I hoped she was doing okay. I feel overwhelmed and empty at the same time. We had a lot of inside jokes and laughs. Then I took a year off school once I finally made it through my senior year aka hell. She was my family, my what not to do dating a guy. I know he will say to me Joe just live your best life. The question is Could his Spirit have known that he was about to die? He never really did. Not once but twice in the same year. Her brother called me Christmas Eve saying my best friend dating my sister was on the way to Hospice. So I lubed up my finger some more with Vaseline and ran it around his hole. I lost my best friend Elliot on Febuary 12th,he was in a car accident on his way home. Not to her at least. You feel desperate, lonely, and devastated and your instinct is to call the one person who is no longer there to support you. We each just adopted a puppy a few months ago and now our dogs are best friends. But that is not soits been 41 years ago and I still wonder at times what his life would have been like. Society often values family relationships over friendships. Something that can help with that is connecting with others who have lost friends. And I want to be so mad at him, but how can I be when I know exactly how he felt.

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But a little over two weeks ago, he had broken his arms when trying to kick the ball while doing a back-flip in order to impress everyone else as he saw on a movie. It obviously didn't go too well. It had been two weeks and I went over to his house to hang out for a while because he can't do so much with broken arms.

We spent some time just talking and watching a movie when he flat out turned to me and said. She has been giving me a bath for two weeks and it's so awkward. I swear I will pay you later but I just can't be naked around my mother anymore. We were best friends. For better or for worse.

Oh wait, that's marriage, well same thing, right? It was funny because she didn't miss a beat: I filled the bath up halfway with hot water and I helped him undress.

He had on two hard casts, and the only skin showing was the tips of his fingers. He got into the water and we remained quiet.

We didn't say a word, this was the first time I've seen him or any guy naked. I began to soap up the rag, but he quickly said, 'Skip the rag. I just want to get this done with fast'. There wasn't much rush in his voice for that type of command, and I wouldn't realize until later why he said that; however, at the time I just went with it not really caring. I soaped my hands up and ran them down his neck and behind his ears. He had his eyes closed the whole time.

My hands ran over his large pecks he was an athlete I rubbed his arms and chest and made my way around his penis and balls being sure not to touch them and rubbed his legs. By that time, I was already getting hard.

I consider myself straight, and I know he does, too, but feeling up anyone's body will make you aroused. It felt like forever, but I rubbed every inch of him besides his pubic area. At that time, I just stared and smiled it rules of dating a friends brother, knowing it had to be cleaned.

I grabbed it with one hand and rubbed it, and rubbed his balls. He was hard as a rock. I quickly rinsed the soap off and was about to benjamin stone dating history with the shampoo when he opened his eyes and looked me dead in dating your siblings ex eye.

I'd never ask this unless I needed it. I nodded, half because my best friend dating my sister was my best friend, and half because I wondered what it'd be like to rub him off.

I soaped my hand up, but he shook his head and said to get the Vaseline from his dresser. After getting it and lubing my hand up, I rubbed it all around his hard dick and balls. I pumped him slowly at first, actually enjoying his facial expressions. He moaned a few times when I ran my hand all over his balls. I knew what I'd like when I would jerk off, so I thought maybe he would too.

So I lubed up my finger some more with Vaseline and ran it around his hole. His eyes shot open. I would have stopped, but he instantly went back into ecstasy as I pushed my finger in and out of his butt. His time was coming. I rubbed him faster and faster, and shoved my finger into him.

He was almost there, so I leaned over and licked his nipple, which sent him over the edge. He came hard and fast, squirting me in the side of my cheek.

His breathing calmed down, but I was in such ecstasy because I had a huge hard-on. At any rate, I cleaned him up and got him dressed and he thanked me. I said, 'Don't worry about it. There has been one more situation with Noah since; I shall post that later.

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